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I finally put together the circulation stats on your books.  In the last three months Why do Flies Eat Doggy Poop has been checked out 32 times; The Tickle Tree 26 times; and Poodles, Tigers, Monsters and You 17 times

Alison Norton, Media Specialist

Thrasher Elementary school

The children and teachers loved your visit and were turned on to poetry. In fact some of my male students found your books the best and would keep them in their desks for weeks until I made them return the books because they were overdue and requested by other students.  You must be doing something right!

Pam Johnston, Media Specialist



Dear L. W. Lewis

     Once againI must say thank you for sharing your poetry with the students of our school.  You are a great introduction for the fourth and fifth grade poetry units.

     The humor, real life observations and "gross them out" language immediately grab students attention. It keeps them both mentally and verbally saying," I thought the same thing" and "I wondered about that too".

     Your comments about changing sentence structure when using rhyme in poetry was a simple but powerful writing tip for kids.  ("If you want to say, 'I ate an orange' it may be hard to find a word to rhyme with orange but if you change the line to say, 'An orange I ate', it would be easier to find a word to rhyme with ate.)  Would you consider doing a short writing activity with our boys and girls for your next visit?

     All of your books are already checked out and there is a long reserve list that will keep them circulating throughout the school year. You make loving poetry "cool" and writing it easy.  We can't wait until your next visit.

Jennifer Smith-Wyatt

Media Specialist



Thank you for your time at Hardy.  Our kids love poetry.  At our inservice at the beginning of the year other librarians were talking about your books as well.Thanks for giving my 650 students the chance to laugh with you and poetry.

Barbara Walker

Ryler Elementary

I don't know what you're doing but keep doing it, both boys and girls love your books.

Ann Gaines Media specialist

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